About Us

After over 20 years in the entertainment industry, dealing almost exclusively with casinos, it is widely known that entertainment decisions are made almost entirely based on instinct. It is ironic that an industry that is widely known for player tracking and measuring player theoretical by the hour, day, and trip, has limited access to the necessary information to predict the outcome of an entertainment decision. Given the multi-millions of dollars spent each year to book acts, the implication of a modest improvement in effectiveness would have a profound impact on a casino's bottom line.

We all know that the casino industry is a unique business. Therefore, it stands to reason that booking entertainment for a casino is fundamentally different than booking acts for a concert hall or an arena. Casinos are so much more dynamic. The right act booked on the right day can generate revenue well beyond ticket sales. Obviously, food and beverage sales are a critical input. However, gaming revenues are likely the biggest driver of success. Therefore, it is critical that we know the fundamental performance metrics - comped versus cash ticket sales, direct and indirect food and beverage sales, incremental rated and non-rated play.

Having a database to store key historical performance data together with access to benchmark data from casino venues around the country is critical to effectively selecting and contracting entertainment for your venue. Such a database service exists for hard ticket, non-casino box office venues. However, these services lack the customized information necessary to enable casino executives to make smart buying decisions. One size definitely does not fit all.

Entertainmentkpi is a casino entertainment planning solution. It compiles information from member casinos around the country to enable its subscribers to take the risk and guessing out of planning and booking entertainment.  Unlike generic services, Entertainmentkpi is based on real casino entertainment metrics.  For each act, members will have national statistics on ticket sales (paid and comp), food and beverage revenue and incremental gaming revenues.

Member casinos will have confidential access to enter and review detailed performance statistics from their own venues. In addition, members will have access to aggregated national benchmarks. Using this information, casino executives can generate performance reports, build pro formas and evaluate results. Using the national database, a planning tool can be used to help select the appropriate entertainment for each venue and derive the corresponding costs/benefits. Only subscribers authorized within the same casino can see or edit these reports. They are completely private!

Entertainmentkpi also contains detailed profiles of the various acts with agency contact information and other pertinent information to help expedite the decision and booking process. Soon agencies and artists will be posting tour information and available dates specific to each geographic region so casinos can benefit from routed opportunities and save on artist fees.