What is Entertainmentkpi?

Entertainmentkpi is a casino entertainment planning solution that enables the user to book entertainment more efficiently through simple tools and casino specific data.

What kind of analysis can be done?

Almost anything. Compare and contrast local entertainment show results with those in the national database. Use the data to analyze the potential for upcoming events. Explore artist profiles to see average costs and results. Use local event reports to analyze profitability and compare every aspect of the event.

Do I have to create show reports for my casino?

You don't, but if you choose to be a passive user you won't benefit from the maximum potential of the reports function. The system uses your information to help you create reports that are unique to your venues and to help you analyze every aspect of your shows. It creates a historical profile with comments that only you and your approved associate users can access.

Who can see my reports?

Your reports are completely private. Only you and your authorized users can see your reports. Data shared in calculating regional and national artist averages is completely anonymous. No casino identifying data is ever collected for artist database profile reports (no show dates, casino names, city, comments, etc.).

Are the reports for national artists only?

No. Create reports for any entertainment event, at any of your venues so you can create reports using that information in the future.

Are the artist fees listed on an Artist profile in the database the amount that they have to be paid?

No. The fees listed on the artist profile pages are averages. Like any average there is the possibility that a unique situation occurred in which someone paid much lower than normal or much higher and that would affect the fee shown. It is recommended that you consult with the Artist’s agent or a professional talent buyer for up to date price suggestions.

Can Artist Agents see casino show reports?

For now Entertainmentkpi is only available to casino users. In the months ahead Agent subscribers will be added. They will see the public averages on the artist profiles just like you do. This is helpful. Artist pricing for casinos has always been higher than for "hard ticket" venues because casinos benefit from other revenue sources other than ticket sales, i.e. gaming, beverage sales, and other retail outlets. Access to this data will create a new platform for casino and artist agency negotiations based on real results.

Can Agents or Artists remove casino show data from their artist's profile?

No. Just like other sites which report hard ticket box-office revenue and attendance, only the reporting casino can modify their own report which will in turn update the average reporting, but neither agents or artists can remove or alter the reported data. 

How can I test the Request for Available Artists and Offer Form without it actually being sent to an agent?

Open the Request For Available Artists and select the genre "Sample". Only one agent should be selected, "Sample Agent". Complete the form, preview and send. Entertainment KPI is the sample agent so it's safe! To test sending an offer do a search for "Sample Artist". From "Sample" artist's profile select the OFFER tab on the right. Fill out the information, preview the offer and send. If you have filled out the details in your casino profile several items on the forms will automatically fill. If you need to change capacity or anything else temporarily just delete it on the form and type in the new information

How do I change my password?

On the home page. click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You will see the option to change password. Follow instructions from there.

How can I add additional associate users to my account?

Under My Profile go to Associate Users to add an associate. If you have a standard subscription and would like to upgrade to include several associate users go to My Profile - My Account to see your subscription options.

Error reporting and suggestions

To report any errors or to submit suggestions please contact us on the home page or email admin@entertainmentkpi.com