Blog: An Effective Entertainment Plan - Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better


I recently heard that a casino was going to stop doing entertainment because they couldn't compete with the deep pockets of a much larger competitor. Competing is not about larger shows, it’s about creative and strategic booking.  It’s about counter-programming, creating new packages and presentations, and providing an inventive twist or value-add, which can transform an affordable event into a major driver of desired traffic.

We have booked concert headliners of every possible genre and budget, reality stars, professional bass fishermen, and everything in-between, and the results are not always what you would expect. Booking shows for casinos has become as diverse and exciting as our casino partners are willing to go. After all, it’s all about creating and executing quality, targeted entertainment for highly diversified property needs.  Casinos rely on their talent buyer’s experience and creativity to deliver better entertainment options for their guests. Our experience with gaming clients provides a first hand understanding of entertainment within the casino environment, which is unique in having a variety of revenue goals (ticket sales, gaming, beverage sales, etc.).

I have always found it interesting that when talking to casino clients about entertainment, it is interpreted to be synonymous with “a concert”. Entertainment goes far beyond concerts, and when used correctly, it is a very effective marketing tool.  When a client told us about the major inconvenience of a large construction project on the walkway to the casino, we gave them an entertainment solution that turned the construction inconvenience into an entertainment highlight! We have used entertainment to “pulse”, or strategically move, audiences from one area to another, just like they do in amusement parks.  Weekends in casinos are always busy, so adding the right mix of entertainers or an interactive experience mid-week will boost revenue on those off-peak days.

It doesn't take an unlimited budget to create and implement a dynamic and effective entertainment plan.  It takes creativity and a good partnership with the casino marketing team, working together to boost revenue from the many customers who will not be attending that big, expensive concert next door.

Danny Heller
Gayle Force Ent., LLC